Day Two

A lighthouse makes me think of home…. a place where they always keep the light on for you. Although my children and grandchildren live far away, they remain the light in my otherwise foggy world. Today I trudge through the thick sand in search of the lightness of being that comes from a life that is not in trouble. The beam that I am walking toward reminds me that there is always help to give and to receive, which is the great peace that comes from living through the storm.

Day One of the Pandemic Journey

As I meander about the Cape taking time to BE in place while allowing my senses, emotions and mind awaken to what is new around me, I hope my wanderings become an invitation to unfinished women to do the same… Imagine if day after day of 100 days each of us dedicate ourselves to revival how much awakening can occur.

Let’s Begin…..DAY ONE: There’s something exhilarating about dancing waves covering the seas as if in a chorus line. It is not difficult to get a new kick in my step with an ocean of encouragement. Stepping out and away from the mundane offers much needed adrenaline for the seeker in search of waking up.

Pandemic Journey

Knowing full well I’m rushing the end of this joyless time, I can wait no longer wait to jump start my sedentary life. I tossed into the fireplace the sign my neighbor gave me nine months ago. It read: THIS IS NOT NORMAL. I’ve made a promise to myself that in place of brooding (which comes with anything chronic), I will put pen to paper with fresh thoughts that produce positive energy rather than negative. I will set aside the next 100 days that our new President suggested to reboot my lethargic soul and begin to be new once again, ready and eager for when the pandemic leaves us.This will be a difficult task, overwhelmed as I am having spent the past nine months being speechless as well as depressed. Cogent thoughts, when I have them, become fleeting giving way to a sense of hopefulness one minute and doom and gloom the next. Days come and go, one season runs into the other, and there seems to be no reliable future on the horizon.It’s been an underwhelming time with little connection, no face to face conversation,cancelled holidays, and more. We‘ve been introduced to new language and new behaviors, virtual being the dominant one. Puzzled by the term I looked in the dictionary for its meaning: virtual means existing or resulting in essence of effect although not in actual fact, form, or name. We are all meant to go from real existence to an unreal one.That means shelter in in place, social distancing, wearing masks which cover up any or all facial expression…in short, go remote, be solo, and like a bear, hibernate until it safe to emerge.Well I’ve pretty much followed these rules and will continue to do so with one exception: I plan to gradually emerge and embrace the world beyond my doorstep (with mask), hoping to find inspiration beyond the perils of pandemic. The word inspire means to reach toward something. Each day I will open my heart, mind, senses, and energy to find solace in all that was left behind. At the very least there should be born a new perspective.Join me online and together we can begin to come alive once again. Carpe Diem!