Here I am in the blogging world…

What, Joan Anderson is joining the world of blogs?  Could it be that someone who is electronically phobic could really be doing such a thing?

The truth is that I have had writer’s block for some time now.  My mind sort of went numb when my then new publisher signed me on with bells and cymbals and then mysteriously left me dangling…a feeling not unlike being dumped by a lover.  For sure my creative side went dead as I tried feverishly to fix it or figure it out.  Alas, there were no answers or explanations forth coming and besides, I was soon consumed with the gradual failing of my dear mother’s health.  As I hobbled around on a crutch as she slowly began leaving this earth there was hardly time ti fix my bad knee.  Holistic approaches did nothing to help and so, after she died I submitted to knee replacement.  The surgeon was great but the drugs further dulled by brain as well as my spirit.  In time, I surfaced, almost as good as new, until the news came that one of our children was getting a divorce.

Enough, already, I said to self.  I could continue reacting to life or get on top of it and once again become proactive.  Choosing the latter, I decided the only way to reach out and touch the positive forces in my life would be to start blogging…talking about what was on my chest and getting reaction.  And so beginning July 4th I will be at this site twice a week to begin again.  As Joan Erikson said to me: “The only person who will sponsor yourself is yourself.”