Lectures & Workshops


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed in the things you didn’t do than the things that you did.”
–Mark Twain

One Day Subject Titles

he Second Journey – Every Woman’s Odyssey
Soul Searching by the Sea – A Day to Repair / Regroup / Regenerate / Renew
The Journey Back to Yourself – Mind, Body, Spirit Symposium

Joan tailors her workshops to the particular organization’s needs and desires. She prefers a setting whereby the attendee can have some solo time in nature. The basis for most workshops is a 6 point plan that Joan intuitively came to during her year by the sea. The workshop helps a woman identify her strengths, understand the phase of life she is in, and then prepare to regenerate and renew.

“The first step is to take yourself away,” Joan says, “even if it is just for a day. Any gift of time to oneself will set you on a path of rediscovery.”

A Few Keynote Speech Titles:

You Don’t Get A Gold Watch For Menopause
My Turn – The Joy of Being Unfinished
Tales of an Unconventional Mentor – My Life with Wife of a Famed Psychotherapist
Become a Rebel With A Cause – Step Out of Line
Embrace Your Life – Chart a Course for Your Second Journey

Weekend Retreats

Depending upon the season and the environment the themes of each weekend vary. Three of the most popular themes are:

A Weekend to Change Your Life – Find Your Authentic Self After a Lifetime of Being All Things to All People
(based on book by the same name)
The Second Journey – Every Woman’s Odyssey
Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times (only used for Iona, Scotland retreats)