From Memoir to Movie

Many people have asked if I was nervous to have my life projected on screen. Honestly,no. Although curious to know if I would relate to the woman I was, it no longer felt like “my” story, rather a universal journey with new characters and new influences. Besides, I’d already put myself out there, so I felt no angst. Instead,it became pure pleasure to witness the process unfold. Our crew grew from two to more than 60 in a matter of days. Alexander’s Assistant Director drafted a shooting schedule, then filled a wall with strips of paper outlining what was to come.

I would spend the next four weeks crouched in the corner of a set, a boat, or a beach watching seasoned actors embody their characters, enthralled to hear my lines take on a life of their own. Like Henry Higgins, I couldn’t help but repeat to myself,

I think they’ve got it…by George they’ve got it!

And yes, there were times I said, “Ouch,” not wanting to remember some of the harsher moments of that year by the sea.

Alexander’s ability to take a quiet story and create moving pictures of a solitary journey has entranced me. Moreover, his ability to highlight other characters who evolve and grow with Erik Erikson’s life cycles has elevated my memoir, bringing my message home to the view no matter their age, stage, or gender.

Many viewers have filled the theaters at numerous film festivals. Hopefully those that have seen it found a little piece of inspiration to carry them further on their unfinished journey. The discovery of ones evolving self never stops, and just as our tagline says,

It’s never too late to reclaim our life…..

We are constantly changing. And change is scary. What will I do next? How will I find meaning and purpose? Without roles, who am I? Such questions are forever in our being, try as we might to ignore them time and time again. But they’re important questions. Questions our film was made to ask.

View the official trailer for YEAR BY THE SEA

4 thoughts on “From Memoir to Movie

  1. I was fortunate to see the film twice in Dennis on Cape Cod. I would love to see it again. Is there any chance that it will eventually be available on DVD?
    If not, will it be available in theaters again in the future?

  2. Is the movie available to view? I have read all of Joan’s fabulous books, many more than once and would certainly love to see the movie. Many Thanks!

    • Dear Nancy…We are working hard to get YEAR BY THE SEA into theatres across the country after our premiere showing in Florida. To facilitate this we need people like you to fill out a letter and take it to your local theatre requesting that they show our film. If you haven’t seen the trailer already to to and click trailer..then share it if you can on social media and with all your friends and family….then recommend that your local theatre do the same. If you would email me I will send you the form letter that you can submit to a cinema near you. Thank you for helping us make waves…

  3. I would love to know if there is a way to view this film. I have read many of Joan’s books and grew up in Chatham so I would love to be able to see the film. I currently live in the Denver area. Thank you.

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