Iona Retreat

What draws so many to Iona…what is its extraordinary power…a power that leaves no “pilgrim” who seek its shores untouched?

As one penetrates more and more deeply into its layers, one finds not only extraordinary history, unique geological formations dating back further than its neighboring islands, and strong energy spots…but also thinner and thinner layers between oneself and the supernatural. It has been said that if one is open to it she will receive some sort of magic when she visits Iona.

One retreater said: “I am still so amazed, some months after visiting Iona, at the shift in my point of view. I start and end each day with gratitude. I reflect on what I have done each day to nurture the energy and the clarity that Iona gave to me.”

The theme of our time on Iona is Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times. The week spent there is time out of time…with no clocks, no phones, few stores, and a tiny population, you truly can hear what your heart has been trying to tell you.