We’ve been together 50 years…
Precisely 18,250 days, plus.
50 years of falling in love,
falling out of love,
being “in like” and being “out of like….
All the time growing one way or another…
apart or together.
Sometimes it felt like being in Harold Pinter’s play,
The Room…two old people having run out of things to say
and no longer having the temperament to try and understand the other.
So we’ve been both over the years
Pinter characters and Thornton Wilder characters,
one being the optimist while the other played the pessimist.
But on distilling our life on this beautiful snowy day
I’d say our cup was more than half full and certainly not half empty.
I can’t imagine designing a life without you in it,.
Now onto adventures that we’ve never had but always wanted.

11 thoughts on “To..Robin..Happy..Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday to your Beloved. We’re on #34 with the many paths held together by the sheer fabric of each year. I enjoy the truth to your words.

  2. Thank you, Joan! Marriage really is a series of ups and downs and various characters. Thank You for saying it so brilliantly and making it ok to feel that way. Much Love!

  3. Nice to see your comforting words once again have missed your writing and life stories and adventures so much . glad you are back and healing through life’s rough spots. Welcome back!

  4. So good to hear from you Joan!!!!!!! Happy birthday robin. Brenda waters and I are ready for a Joan Anderson trip. I hope you are safe and well, tina west

  5. Ohhhhhhhh, so eloquent and perfectly penned, dear Joan! Thank you for sharing your personal love and thoughts………..what an amazing journey you & Robin shared! My heart is with you as you celebrate the memories of life and living with your beloved partner!

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