Day Thirty

Plan B……“Life is all about how you handle Plan B.” Those are the words on the mug one of my best friends gave me. She firmly believes that if things aren’t working out there’s always Plan B. That’s the problem. I don’t have a Plan B, at least one that is appealing and somewhat exciting. Come to think about it, she doesn’t either! What is Plan B after all? Is it being prepared in case Plan A fails? Or having a safety net to fall into while doing Plan A or thinking ahead to catastrophes that could happen while attempting Plan A? It would seem that Plan B, being second choice is also the less desirable. That’s a problem for a person like me who is always grabbing at beginnings…ready to jump into any chasm or take a dare. I never did learn to edit my life while in the process of living it and I’ll probably not start anytime soon. Perhaps I’ve never cottoned to the idea of Plan B as it seemed to take all my energy just to activate Plan A. I’ve come to see that moments, hours, days, weeks seem to be nourishing the rhythm of my life.The pandemic has forced me to live in the moment—not a bad place as most of us can only ponder the future but not count on it. One virtue that seems to have stuck for me is trust…trust that which is unfolding because you can’t control it anyway. I’m ready to be fascinated by what is coming and how I will gracefully handle it.

3 thoughts on “Day Thirty

  1. Watched your movie again yesterday with my husband. He’s read 3 or 4 of your books. I wish I lived next door to you

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