Day Twenty Seven

Meet Photographer Ann L’Esperance. She was once a mountain girl, coming clear across the country from Colorado to live by the edge of the sea. It was time to change venues and find a new point of view. Cape Cod would offer the ocean water, sand, dunes, big sky, sunsets, and the space that she craved. This low tide girl found her bliss. Each day she would hop in her car and head east with only a vague idea of where she was headed…”mostly to the outer Cape where there are fewer people and wild seascapes,” she told me, and “where I have the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Cape Cod Bay on the other.”“At first I was simply in awe by what I saw in all kinds of weather and seasons,” says Ann. “No beach walk is monotonous. The landscape constantly changes with the tides, storms and light. I walk fast at first, wanting to get beyond the footprints left by others. Then I’m alone, seeing what no one else can see, at least for that particular day. I used my cell phone to take pictures and it was just so I could share my days with my family and friends, wanting them to experience what I was experiencing. My hobby became more serious as I attempted to capture not just the scene, but the feeling that comes with seeing such unique images of natural beauty. Gradually, I began realizing how many people cannot or do not want to walk through sand for miles and miles or attempt to catch so many sunsets – and that’s when I started sharing my pictures online.” Although time and family responsibilities have kept me from similar forays recently, Ann’s pictures became a muse for me. The spirit of the sea washed over my notepad and my soul quickened and I was able to break the writer’s block that had held me hostage for several years. And so it came to be that I am using Ann’s pictures and my words to awaken that which has been dulled in many of us with the pandemic and other personal challenges. If her work and my words awakened us, perhaps it would do the same for you. Pandemic peril has had a way to keep us closeted along with our feelings, senses, attitudes and thoughts. Check out her new website here:

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