Day Twenty Eight

Growing from Trouble.

Just when I thought I was doing well enduring the perils of the pandemic, in the blink of an eye, en route to the bathroom, oops! All six foot 4 of my husband fell hard and bad. Diagnosis: Broken Ankle, Surgery needed, six weeks of non -weight bearing.This would be the fifth surgery in 4 years as a result of other falls and this time when I looked through the fog in hopes of finding lazy, hazy dew, today nothing was clear. For days upon days I have been awakened by nature and now, once again, I’m drawn into winter’s darkness.The famous American artist, Andrew Wyeth said that everything he might want or need to paint could be found within a five mile radius from his studio in Brandywine, Pennsylvania. I suppose the same is true for me here on Cape Cod. The muse has not left me…the muse is within. Each person chooses his or her own complications. I want to scale mine down to “littles” and find solace in the simple and the immediate.Perhaps there is a reason for my life to be temporarily stalled. I can only harness the power of restraint and trust that after trauma, there will eventually be flow again. For now I will simply breathe in and breathe out offering my inner self a time to regain its equilibrium and know that way will open.

3 thoughts on “Day Twenty Eight

  1. Traumas came traumas passed…
    Where/when did I loose the ability to roll with them.…. & bounce back ?
    Such an overwhelming feeling….

  2. Geez, if it’s not something, it’s something else. Sending you gigantic hugs and tons of energy. My husband has metastatic stage 4/cancer and I cherish the good days. Doing a lot of prayer and meditation. God speed

  3. Joan. I feel for you. My husband and I based our social activities on many physical things. Biking, skiing, hiking and diving. All vacations were centered on those actives. About 6 years ago — he had his first surgery. We are 5 surgeries down now. It’s very hard to adjust to new life. Being in a cloud is a good way to describe the feeling. I am trying to find a new balance between old and new. Hope your husband’s recovery is around the corner as spring is too

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