Pandemic Journey

Knowing full well I’m rushing the end of this joyless time, I can wait no longer wait to jump start my sedentary life. I tossed into the fireplace the sign my neighbor gave me nine months ago. It read: THIS IS NOT NORMAL. I’ve made a promise to myself that in place of brooding (which comes with anything chronic), I will put pen to paper with fresh thoughts that produce positive energy rather than negative. I will set aside the next 100 days that our new President suggested to reboot my lethargic soul and begin to be new once again, ready and eager for when the pandemic leaves us.This will be a difficult task, overwhelmed as I am having spent the past nine months being speechless as well as depressed. Cogent thoughts, when I have them, become fleeting giving way to a sense of hopefulness one minute and doom and gloom the next. Days come and go, one season runs into the other, and there seems to be no reliable future on the horizon.It’s been an underwhelming time with little connection, no face to face conversation,cancelled holidays, and more. We‘ve been introduced to new language and new behaviors, virtual being the dominant one. Puzzled by the term I looked in the dictionary for its meaning: virtual means existing or resulting in essence of effect although not in actual fact, form, or name. We are all meant to go from real existence to an unreal one.That means shelter in in place, social distancing, wearing masks which cover up any or all facial expression…in short, go remote, be solo, and like a bear, hibernate until it safe to emerge.Well I’ve pretty much followed these rules and will continue to do so with one exception: I plan to gradually emerge and embrace the world beyond my doorstep (with mask), hoping to find inspiration beyond the perils of pandemic. The word inspire means to reach toward something. Each day I will open my heart, mind, senses, and energy to find solace in all that was left behind. At the very least there should be born a new perspective.Join me online and together we can begin to come alive once again. Carpe Diem!

5 thoughts on “Pandemic Journey

  1. so good to have you back. Missed you and your perspective. I think I too will try to find my 100 days of visionary grace. I was doing so great all summer, taking time to relish in the less hectic pace of life— but now I am struggling with the winter nights and the lack of seeing people …. let the journey begin

  2. It is lovely to hear from you and know that others are in the same boat or shall I say life raft. It has been hard to cope and deal with all of this virtual or new reality. I am one that loves to hug and see a smile. (All though the mask has covered up some angry words and expressions, LOL) I go from laughing to crying in the same minute. I feel things differently and there is always a layer of sadness looming over. But I know this will pass in the Spring there is hope for us all to be together. I need to embrace this time to go within, clean out my internal baggage and hopefully house clutter. As you said we cannot remain lethargic and sad. we need to come out of our cocoon better, brighter, healthier and stronger. I know its so hard but know we are not alone and we have to lift each other up as we want to cry (right now) and try to bring a little joy to each other. Just listen to others and know soon it will be your turn to be heard. I miss the retreats, I miss Joan, I miss all of you. Much Love! Cari

  3. Thank you for
    Your heart felt post…it truly has been a strange time for us all. The uncertainties grow daily it seems so we must all find something steadfast to grab on to in the midst..and for me, that is Jesus♥️

  4. This time of sheltering has been an unexpected gift as I have had time to meditate while clearing my days of mindless activities. We will prevail.
    Blessings for all. especially Joan.
    Marilyn Stein Underhill

  5. What an inspirational post. Yes, I believe we are all ready to emerge with hope, positive energy, and new perspectives. I was involved in a workshop a couple of days ago and the topic was hope. We each were invited to offer a line to create a poem about hope. Mine was…white dove flies, bringing all together with open, pure, and joyful hearts.
    Thank you for your post and may each of us begin our days with hope and positivity.

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