Day Two

A lighthouse makes me think of home…. a place where they always keep the light on for you. Although my children and grandchildren live far away, they remain the light in my otherwise foggy world. Today I trudge through the thick sand in search of the lightness of being that comes from a life that is not in trouble. The beam that I am walking toward reminds me that there is always help to give and to receive, which is the great peace that comes from living through the storm.

4 thoughts on “Day Two

  1. Thank you Joan!
    I have been in so much mental pain that I surprised myself on Thanksgiving. I stayed in bed all day and told my family I was reading while in truth, I was avoiding and sleeping the day away…
    When I was at the dinner table, and I saw the tears in the eyes of my 29 year old daughter, I could not wait to leave the table… We came together and shared feelings and I promised myself that this Thanksgiving has served as a place marker for my reality, that I am a people pleaser, one who is a cheerleader for others where in reality: I could not even cheer myself forward…
    I Promised myself that I would take a step forward BUT could NOT figure my way out of the fog, then you came along JOAN ANDERSON and have begun to illuminate a spark within me again.
    I am in NJ and am in need of a Sister to prod me for a minute to get out and walk… I do NOT truly know why I am so held back when I Know with a capital K. I guess you can say, ay this moment in time, much like the birds flying in V formation, I NEED someone to take the lead and be the wind beneath my wing with a PROMISE that I too will Pay It Forward some day in the near future… ANYONE:
    LOVE YOU JOAN and THANK YOU AGAIN from the bottom of my Heart <3
    Thank you and Peace,
    <3 Trish

  2. I am really enjoying your posts. Nice to hear your voice coming through after enjoying your books so much. Thank you.
    Jeannie B, San Juan Island, WA

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