Meandering Month

Instead of making sweeping  resolutions that I almost never abide by, I decided this year to unchain myself from achievements, per se, a recognize what I call “the littles” that so often go unnoticed in our hurried, fractured, and driven endeavors. The idea began when asked what I wanted for Christmas and I could think of nothing—that is nothing material. What I wanted was a more calm existence and individual time with special friends and particularly family.

The first gift came on Christmas Eve when our 14 year old grandson chose to sit next to his grampy on the couch and for the next hour I basked in the joy of watching the two just BE together, my husband’s arm wrapped gently over his shoulder. My first gift came sooner than expected. But I was filled with such delight that I “felt” and therefore possessed warmth, truth, and history at that moment.

A similar experience was had 16 years before when during the same hectic season I found myself knitting in front of the hearth with my mother and my new daughter in law. The gift remains with me—a heartfelt memory which can not be repeated. So, this new year I shall revolutionize my resolutions and meander so as to develop a rhythm that allows for me to be gifted by those moments which are meant to be.

2 thoughts on “Meandering Month

  1. Joan, I think the older we get the more we realize what’s “really” important. It’s the little things, like an unrequested hug or a simple, “I love you, Grandma” from a grandchild. Your heart gets full and tells you, “Remember this – this is what matters.” And, our hearts don’t lie <3

    • no kidding and they say the darndest things like I really really know you love me…or better yet…I hate to throw up but when I do I hold my nose and ears, close my eyes and if you can’t see it or smell it it doesn’t last so long!!!!

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