Slow Down You Move Too Fast

Oh my, this re-entry from Iona has taken its toll. The outside world seems to be moving faster than is good for anyone. Speed allows us to arrive at our desired destination in quick time but I wonder how much we miss along the way. Having spent the last several weeks living at a snail’s pace it is a shock to reeve up my engines to keep time with the fast-paced technological world.

Iona, particularly, offers the visitor a special magic that moves the soul, inspires emotions, and allows one to both feel and experience her day. With only 100 residents, few cars, tiny one-lane roads, a small country inn, few shops and a pub, it is Iona which clarifies things like decision making. For example, when you walk into the tiny grocery store to pick up something for dinner, you decide on your menu according to what arrived on the ferry that day. And as you meander back to your abode, instead of horns honking and fast paced walkers talking into their cell phones you listen to turning tides, spirited winds, the ferry whistle and the occasional piper or two.

I was recently introduced to a poem entitled: Once You’ve Slept On An Island. It ends with the thought that “once you’ve slept on an island, you will never be quite the same.”

It has been said that our central nervous systems weren’t designed to handle the frantic pace of life, yet this is what we’re asking it to do more often than not.

Re-entry is a shock but I can choose to stay off the merry go round or at least slow down and move slower. For as the song goes…I want to make the moments last. Life at home can be almost as simple as Iona. It’s simply a choice.

7 thoughts on “Slow Down You Move Too Fast

  1. Such precious gifts that last far longer than material gifts! I love your writing and your reminders to all of us as women to live authentically. Thank you for your gift of sharing your wisdom. That gift, like the heartfelt gifts you received, will last a lifetime.

    • I agree someone asked Meryl Streep last year what she wanted for Xmas. All she asked for was one day with each of her children alone. That would be my wish too

  2. Thank you Joan for being so frank with how you feel, i enjoy hearing from you. I feel that to go on a retreat would be selfish, i have grand children to look after.
    A daughter who lives with me and a grandaughter. a husband who has been very ill. how could i justify the luxury of a retreat. What if some thing happened when i was away. i know that is not possitive and i do try to be that.What do you think
    All best wishes Ann

    • retreat is not a luxury its a necessity especially for a giver like you. I hope you get the chance to pause everyone will win…

  3. Hello from the Light…It was wonderful to see you on Oprah Winfrey’s Life Class on Wednesday night. I missed you when you were on years ago. Your wisdom is as true today as it was then.
    With the dark winter night’s approaching I can’t help but think of Iona and Monhegan, two magical places of light and peace. I am so thankful to have been to both very special parts of the world.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving…I’m cooking my first turkey EVER…wish me luck!! Marge

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