The Solstice Scenario

My fisherman friend, Hillary, stopped by the other day with a Xmas gift.

“I was touched that you remembered my party for the winter solstice,” he said, “and what you learned from me, of all people.”

We chuckled. “Well you are a spiritual man,” I informed him. “A cowboy of the sea. No different from a cowboy out west or a farmer. I see you all as seriously in tune with nature. I guess you have to be or, in your case, you wouldn’t catch any fish.”

His gift was a fisherman’s calendar. “Well, I just wanted you to see that since December 21st when the sun set at 4:14, today it sets 4:30. We’ve gained 16 minutes of sunlight. Isn’t that uplifting! You better start thinking of how you are going to use all the extra daylight as the winter turns into spring. This has got to be the best time of the year. Everything is growing, including us!”

And with that, he was off leaving me with a sense of the “lightness” of being.

4 thoughts on “The Solstice Scenario

  1. Joan,

    You can not imagine the happiness and surprise when I found your new post to your blog!! You are the best inspiration to me. And I feel so much better. I will use my 16 minutes to help someone else in this needy world. Then I will smile and think of you!!!

    Cowboys and farmers are the best………..

  2. HI Joanie,

    It’s been a while since I last saw you and spoke at the conference last April. Oh my, things have been going at top speed in our household, but the finished product will be well worth the hustle and bustle.
    My office/sanctuary is nearly complete. while in New Mexico this past Thanksgiving, tom and I picked up a wonderful piece of art with a southwestern flair. Just being in NM again with one of my dear cousins was awesome. Lots of new family members to meet on my dad’s side.
    In the midst of renovations, tom decided he wanted to expand our Master Bedroom and give up his tiny closet to link our bedroom with the guest bedroom in the front of the house. that will open our bedroom for a cozy sitting area that both of us can enjoy.
    I still miss my dad a lot. Much of my sanctuary reminds me of him. He remains in my heart and soul always.
    Next Tuesday, January 24, 2012, I will celebrate my 60th birthday. Hardly seems possible. this is the first decade birthday that I have very clear memory of my dad’s 60th birthday surprise birthday party in my parents house that I grew up in.
    So, my dear dear friend and mentor, take care, enjoy the fruits of your life and that wonderful husband of yours. I know what I will be doing for the extra 16 minutes! Invitations to our “unparty” party that was cancelled on October 29, 2011 due to Nor’easter Alfred!
    Love and Misses,
    sharEn (:>)

  3. What a beautiful picture Joan! I like your reference to your friend being “a cowboy of the sea; a sea cowboy” sounds like a great book title 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and allowing us to seize a moment of stillness for ourselves.

  4. I’ve noticed that it has been lighter longer each day and feeling better each day. You see, I don’t really like it when it gets so early. I feel like I should sleep but then I can’t. The past 2 days have been nice days and I’ve been getting so much done; making good use of my 16 minutes!
    Thank you for the reminder!

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