Day Eight

Today’s meandering was difficult. High winds and thick sand made my usual foray arduous. Still, I came upon an unlocked fisherman’s shack just when I sought relief. “I find, I do not seek,” said Pablo Picasso. And so it is. Each day has found me and with it a lesson or two, Now I need to ponder the lessons so far and let them become me and my daily life. Day One: Stretch toward something new. Day Two: Seek the light. Day Three: Begin to find and use blank spaces. Day Four: Day by day work to become lighter. Day Five: Trust that my fog will lift and be available when it does. Day Six: What in my life is outlived and prepare to let it go. I will be playing with some of my ideas during the next week, and see where it leads. I can tell you that already I have risen above my funk simply because I have taken time for me and given my thoughts the concentration it deserves. And thanks for some of your wonderful comments.

6 thoughts on “Day Eight

  1. I was thrilled when I heard you were writing again! Reading your words takes me back to what “A Year by the Sea” did for my soul 13 years ago. Your voice gives so much to so many- it’s an inspiration to celebrate our unfinished selves and continue, continue, continue on…

  2. Joan, you continue to guide us by sharing your authentic voice as we all struggle to embrace hope and be role models for each other . Keep sharing . We’re together in holding a sacred space where women can grow.

  3. Since you mentioned Pablo Picasso, I hope you watched the series on TV with Antonio Bandaras. It was truly awesome. I’m so glad to be on your list. You are so terrific, I miss you

  4. I am so enjoying your posts and find them inspiring, at a time in my life when inspiration is so welcome. At 68 yrs old, I feel deeply stuck in a rut I can’t get out of. Change is necessary, and also difficult. I am ready to examine my life
    And let go of what I have no useful purpose for, and move forward with courage and excitement.Thank you for your meaningful and thoughtful words.

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