Use the “F” Word

A dear friend once said we needed to use the “F” word more often.

At first I was shocked, thinking of course that she was referring to the four-letter word we all know and try not to use.

But alas, she was talking about a three-letter word called FUN!

Ever since, I try to put some of that word in my everyday—especially when I have given a lot of time and energy to a project. And so, here I am with my fabulous assistant Cathy, frolicking in the snow (in Provincetown and Wellfleet) after our retreat last weekend. We have taught ourselves to revel in giving to the women who make the trek to Cape Cod but then make sure we receive the same and have fun ourselves.

“Joy is a duty,” said my mentor, Joan Erikson. And the Bible says, “The world loves a joyful giver.” But only if we refuel will we be successful at balanced living.

I have a calendar upon which I place stars every time I do something FUN for myself. Why not kick off your new year making the “F” word part of your plan?

14 thoughts on “Use the “F” Word

  1. I love the F word, I have fun every day, Life is fun , people are fun, puppies are fun,sking is fun, a bourban by the fire is fun, email is fun, a great wife is fun, old friends are fun. You get my drift. HOWY

  2. It is hard to create comes when one least expects finding a dress for my daughters wedding in my favorite store that was originally $650.00 on a sale for $99.99…..JOY!

  3. Joan, I love this reminder to make fun a part of every day. It’s so easy to put a higher priority on being productive than on indulging in a little joy. Reading this post just now has inspired me to turn off my computer, put on my long undies, and to outside for an hour to play in the snow! Thank you!

  4. Just returned from 2 weeks on an island without husband, family, friends and distractions. How refreshing it was! I walked the beach, gathered shells and reflected upon how much beauty surrounded me. It was almost surreal…. I had FUN!

      • Joan,
        First, I also love that picture of you, charming!
        I was glad to read about Anne Morrow Lindberg spending her time on Captiva.
        I try to walk everyday, barefoot, for at least 1 hour, on the beach.
        I am so thankful to be able to do this:)


        Shannon Phelps

  5. My husband dreamed last night that we went to a funeral and I said let’s get
    out of here and go dancing! He doesn’t know I’ve been dancing alone for quite a while!

  6. See you’re still doing what you do best, helping women enjoy life! I want you to know that I really enjoyed the online retreat in the fall. I’m involved with a six month teleconference group right now, and the women are amazing. I was offered the opportunity to join a writer’s retreat this weekend here in local mountains. All this because I read you book A Year by the Sea about five years ago. My journey continues. I’ll get to one of YOUR retreats soon. Anna Kelso

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