Online Retreat Starting the 8th

See you right here on November 8th and thereafter   every Monday and Friday for my online retreat.  There is NO need to sign up and there is no charge.  I look forward to you joining me.

24 thoughts on “Online Retreat Starting the 8th

  1. Hi Joan,
    I just discovered your blog and am so happy about it.
    I love all your books – and feel your support for women.
    You are a treasure. I shall join your online retreat.
    (always trying to sort out who I really am…)
    Congratulations to your son for his ultra race. I remember you mentioning it in a book that he loved running.
    Running keeps my sanity as well.
    Keep up the good work, Be well!

  2. Joan
    What a great idea to connect with all of us near and far. I am currently in Asia and am needing a connection with someone like you.

  3. This is serendipitous. Just finishing the 3rd book in your trilogy; read the first two. Blessed wisdom! Thank you.
    I’m in need of quiet and retreat. A sinus infection has held me down and forced me to sideline my whirling dervish lifestyle. My hubby and friends, in caring concern, have told me I’m doing too much. And so the advice I’ve given to many over the years is staring me in the face.
    Curiosity brought me to your website and, walla – RETREAT -tapped me on the shoulder, and invited me to stop, reflect, and nourish my soul. I said, “Yes”!

  4. Joan,

    Thanks so much for this opportunity to be inspired by you and others. I am recently separated after 36 years of marriage and the transition (especially with the holidays coming) has been challenging sometimes. I am reflecting on many things about the past (which I can’t change) and need to allow myself to move forward now. I want to reclaim “me” and the happy spirited person I was so long ago. I need to learn to trust myself as I create a new path. I look forward to this on-line retreat as a source of inspiration.

    Thanks again.

  5. Thanks Joan,
    Ever since my sister-in-law attended one of your retreats I have wanted to be part of one. I heard you speak in Birmingham, Michigan and found you inspiring. I will someday give myself the gift of your workshop or retreat but until then, I relish the on-line retreat and will give my self the gift of time and reflection.

  6. Thank you, Joan, for offering us this opportunity. I was one of the women who inquired about going to Scotland with you when you had a last minute opening … but it just wasn’t the right time for me. I also was blessed to hear you speak in Michigan a couple of years ago when your most recent book came out. I just retired from a long career in education in June, and I’m ready to make a positive transition to my new life and I believe your online retreat will be part of that process.

    Have you heard of Marian Van Eyk McCain and Elderwomanspace? I suggested that site to Rita and any other women who want to make contact with women who are entering or are in the ‘Third Age.’ What an awesome time of our lives!

    Thanks again!

  7. I can echo many of the comments of the other women-travellers here..have read all your books, looking for the girl from long ago, transitions from being a care giver mom/grandma to nourishing myself. I have always wanted to go on a retreat with you and am so delighted to be a part of your generous gift of an online retreat. Maybe someday I will be able to meet my fellow online journeywomen.

  8. Yes, I agree that the timing is perfect. Since I was a child the holidays have not been my favorite but have searched many years for a way to make it better. I believe with this retreat, the timing and your kindness of sharing it with us Joan, will bring a new beginning and love inside us all. Thank you.

  9. Dear Joan,
    My journey has been long and hard out of an abusive relationship for the last five years. My soul is whole again and I often don’t give myself time to reflect and enjoy who I am. I will travel from Maine to Anchorage Ak on Wed. to help out my son and his family for a month. I will have this retreat to encourage me to fine time and space to grow while I am there. Thank you!

  10. What an amazing and wonderful idea and gift. I will also enjoy coming along for the ride as I constantly find myself looking for that girl in the mirror that was lost so long ago…I have been getting glimpses of her recently and think this retreat might be just what is needed to help my self process. Thank you for providing the opportunity.

  11. Great timing…let’s all get a booster of Joan before we hit the holiday season..with all that entails. I am so looking forward to it. Thanks Joan!!

  12. Joan, I am soooo looking forward to this retreat. I have all of your books and so wanted to go on your Scotland trip.
    Unfortunately work-wise it was just a very busy time of year.
    I am looking to further strengthen my direction in life, so this is a very special way to do it. Thank you for your generosity Joan.
    Mary from Ontario Canada

  13. I look forward to this – blogging and facebook don’t interest me, but Joan Anderson and women who are searching for more of their power and peace DOES. Thanks for the opportunity.

    • Hi Rita!

      There is one other site that you may want to consider … it’s called Elderwomanspace. It was conceived and brought to life by Marian Van Eyk McCain, a writer from England. The women who have been drawn to EWS to share ideas and ‘converse’ are from all over the world. It may be worth your while to check it out. If you love Joan’s work … there’s a good chance you will love what you find on EWS.


  14. You have no idea how well-timed this is. . . . I have been stumbling along for a while now. I am marking my calendar to join in and, hopefully, find the new direction that my life so desperately needs.

    Thank you. . .

  15. I’m so there! Talk about serendipitous… Those are my days off!! And, your invitation arrived at yet another pivotal moment on my introspective journey. The icing on the cake will be if my niece Terri accepts my invitation to join me on this never ending journey of self discovery. Thanks Joan!

    • Thank you!! I truly need to be doing this at this time in my life….so many changes to contend with. See you on the 8th.

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