2 thoughts on “Iona Retreat 2011 Announement

  1. Dear Joan:
    As much as I wanted to come to Iona this year, I simply couldn’t manage it. I know you are not running any Iona retreats in 2012, but what about 2013 and 2014? London is hosting the World Science Fiction convention in 2014 and it would be so cool if I could schedule both, to save on considerable air fares and travel from Australia.
    Hare Om,

  2. Joan – I have just found your website serendipitously(?) – of course there are no accidents. It was so wonderful to read your blog on Iona. I made that wonderful trek many years ago and I, too, felt
    how thin the veil was. There is no hiding out from spirit in that
    mystical place. I am going to search for my journals from that
    heart opening trip and see if it is time to return. Keep me posted.
    Namaste Ginger Joy

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