Day Twenty One

I have frequently walked past this hastily constructed staircase built with rotted wood seasoned by the sea. In its own way I suppose you could say it is a modern day sea sculpture although that would be pushing it. Most days I pay no attention to such things, but today (probably out of extreme boredom), it has captured my curiosity. The Pandemic has temporarily stuffed my curiosity and I’m hell bent to get it back. It’s all about going forward, I say aloud, I place my right foot on an old piece of clapboard. Ouch! The first step snaps with the mere touch of my foot.No matter how precarious, frightening, steep or fragile this climb could be, it has the ability to take me to another level both literally and figuratively. I smile imagining my grandfather, frugal as they come, creating this monstrosity so we might have a little more vision for a better life. We had to be patient for things back then and I suppose that’s why that virtue is coming in handy. Just as I happen to have extra time to not only climb these stairs and reflect on past experiences so I need to also make ample time for patient doings.It’s all about stepping up to the job.

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