Day Twelve

The sun is setting on the old year. Because of less humidity and little pollution the winter sky provides the most vibrant colors. Seeing such a painting night after night offers color to what has been a muted if not colorless year. My eyes sting with tears not so much from what wasn’t this Christmas but the frigid air that has frozen my very soul. It’s the traditions that make this festival so rich…the concerts, carols, candles, and mostly the wonder filled smiles on children’s faces that say: I believe. Gradually the sun begins to sink beyond the horizon and I bid today farewell. But not before I give thanks for the color that lights the sky only to remind me that in time. the black and white of this pandemic world will turn Technicolor. I think being made to live this simpler and quiet life I am learning what my mother used to tell me… “not to be too disappointed in happenings and be more accepting of things that happen out of my control.”

5 thoughts on “Day Twelve

  1. Beautiful sunset, beautiful post, and a very beautiful and wise saying by your mother…”not to be too disappointed in happenings but be more accepting of things that happen out of my control.” With open hearts and open minds, our perspectives become more wide and rich and allow us to be more accepting of those moments. Thank you for this vision that I will carry into 2021!

  2. Thx for saying that because nothing is within my control. I love your writing …. so inspirational. Do you want to run away together?

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