Day Ten

I awaken slowly on this day before Christmas and let the day come to me. With no children coming home and few preparations waiting to be accomplished, I am called to walk the Labyrinth. It has become a tradition of mine (especially at the Winter and Summer Solstice) to follow my soul as it leads to my heart.

Walking on the tiny path is a slow and steady business…hurrying the journey means falling off the path. To get back on track means returning to the beginning and starting all over again—not a bad thing as I am made to make sense of last years accidents, mistakes, and diversions.

I frequently hum as I walk…today its the Simon and Garfunkel tune that makes so much sense to one who thrives in the fast lane… Slow down you move to fast, you need o make the moment last…skipping down the cobblestones, looking for fun and feeling groovy.

The future continues to be a moving target completely unpredictable like the past. Why not enjoy the present instead of hurrying through it.

The Quakers have a saying: Way Will Open. Concentration becomes key when walking the path and I all but forgot where I was on the trail until I found myself smack dab in the center…feeling a self again. The child in me needed time to let the adult take over. And the next day dawns.

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