Day Sixteen

Here I sit atop a lifeguard’s stand gazing out at the endless sea, psychically trying to recover from the storming of our Capitol. I have no sense of resolve and no idea how one citizen has the sense or power to make things right.Everything has become so heavy, lonely and protracted that after so many years of bad news I fear I‘ve become immune to the level of violence that is alive and well in these United States and feel helpless to do anything but sit here and wait for the forces of good to reappear.But alas, last Sunday as I listened to a service of worship coming from Marsh Chapel at Boston University I took particular notice to the minister when he said: “Let us learn now to make us stronger later.”Seek and yea shall find, says the scripture. I think that’s what my forays into this salty land were meant to provide. The natural world answers. There is no other way to proceed, but proceed we must. When the light of spring bursts forth I want to be ready to do the work of healing not only of myself but those with whom I come in contact.

One thought on “Day Sixteen

  1. I love that bible verse. I love your writing. I feel so much netter after reading your inspiration… could you pass me a French fry?

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