Day Five

My mentor, Joan Erikson taught me to love the fog. “The secrets it holds and the way it wraps around one like a cape allows for deep feelings to take hold,” she explained, as we pushed through a pea soup fog at a nearby beach. I am hoping that my dormant emotions from months of non-participation with anyone or anything will soon begin to melt, just as the fog gives way to clarity.

One thought on “Day Five

  1. Lovely. As a Northwestern resident, I’ve come to love walks in the fog. On truly magical days the fog hovers mid way between the waters edge, the mountains rising peaks and the blue sky above. A reminder that we often hover somewhere in-between, not with full clarity but with an innate understanding that the fog will either lift and reveal what’s possible, or it will resume and cloud the air leaving us to seek patience as we ponder possibility without full clarity.

    With gratitude for you thoughtful posts.

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