Bridging the Gap

Everyday on my walk I have three special moments…when I come to a long bridge that leads out to the sea, when I am presented with a set of stairs beckoning me to walk on, and when I arrive at a clearly marked sandy path that urges me to follow the footprints of whomever was there before me. Bridges and paths offer me such hope…they beckon me forward when perhaps on any given day I feel stuck; they urge me to stay on the path or cross over to the other side where life is still unknown but could be exciting; they give me hope that by venturing forward I will find answers and more importantly see the myriad choices the traveller has if only she sets out. As John O’Donohue says: “The pilgrim travels differently knowing that on every walk there will be a change of mind and heart so that the outside becomes a metaphor for our unknown inner landscapes.”

Have a good walk in nature today and see how many “bridges” you can cross.

3 thoughts on “Bridging the Gap

  1. I love the notion of “enough”. It’s so inspiring on this February morning, with winter starting to leave, and spring with its freshness on its way.
    We need to realize when we have enough…… and enjoy contentedness with that. Being content looks different for each of us – rightly so. Iona brought that home to me, where I re-discovered the girl in me, and the delight of being surrounded by the elements, the sea and the animals. I’ve made some changes since then, and today it’s no surprise that I sit here looking out to a vista filled with a farm with cows, rolling golf course, and Lake Ontario.
    I also discovered that I have enough, and now from your blog realize that yeah, I am enough, and I honor all that I have lived to this minute. It is mine alone and my intent is to keep cherishing the woman I am. My family may not always agree or understand me, but that’s okay, I did my best for them, and now it’s my turn. They will understand with age.
    Pretty cool way to enter 2012 and my 60th year. Thank you for continuing to share your thoughts with us Joan. I for one look to you as my North star.

  2. Hi Joan, Love your February blog. I live on an island and can only come and go with a bridge. I will think of your words and also the words of John O”Donahue whenever I cross to the other side. Looking forward to seeing you again. Thank you for being a beautiful comapnion on my 2nd journey. I Love You.

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