Better a Blog Than Nothing

In going through old papers and saved momentoes from my kids, I became nostalgic. In the pile of paper on my lap were greeting cards complete with tender notes, faxes sent from afar when they were each travelling the world, airmail envelopes with actual letters inside, and in the past few years emails that were so dear I copied them and tucked them away as well. These pieces of mail had made the SAVE pile because they possessed sentiments that were rarely said and as such, cherished gems.

But alas, as their individual lives have become chaotic and their families, work, and vocations keep them more than busy, the above mentioned communications have dwindled as have my connection to them.  I recall my Mom walking out to her mailbox each day in hopes of finding the written word in one of the envelopes amidst all the junk mail and bills. “People don’t write letters like they used to,” she would say. “I love getting notes from the children. You can read their thoughts over and over again.” Now years later, I find myself as wistful as my mother. It seems letters were replaced by phone calls which have now been replaced by emails and even those are few and far between.

The next best thing to hearing from one of my sons is catching his runner’s blog. It’s not how I imagined to communicate, but I’m grateful for his heartfelt point of view which is more complete than a text. Ah, modern technology.

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  1. Since January I have gotten divorced, am working full time (!!!), listed and sold my house, am looking for a place to live that is reasonably affordable, watched the last child move away from his home town, and watched the other two dissolve their “brotherhood” for reasons both right and wrong (and breaking my heart in the process). In other words, it has been a really interesting time in life. Oh, also, I turned 60 on January 4th. Right now, after going through the demoralizing process of offers and counter offers I am totally wiped out. Emotionally and mentally. I can not tell you how wonderful it is to open my e mails and know that I have saved Joan Anderson’s latest blog….I just knew I would need her words of wisdom today. Thank you…renewed vigor from the woman by the sea!

    • Pam….breathe and know that things have got to get better. Since my son’s divorce I have got up and down but just now know that we can not affect another person’s thinking or actions..we can only hope there are valuable lessons in their mistakes and changes. So while you are breathing, pause too.

  2. Hi Joan…I shall sit down tonight to write you a note and will send it to you via the wonderful Postal Service. I hope you saw the article in the New York Time’s Travel section yesterday about “thin places”, it was magnificent. I’ll include a copy with my note. Lighthouse Marge

  3. Oh Joan how I so agree with you. I use to dislike texts and emails but have vowed not to become bitter about technology as I get older, because if I want to keep in touch with my daughter and some friends I need to text and email. So I can’ t complain if I want to hear from them. I don’t drive and text or talk on phone and I limit that kind of communication. Life’s to short and I love “me” time, now that after 60 years I realize it’s is more than ok to take “me” time.

  4. I’m with you, Joan! I talk to my girls often, but I love when they write anything. My older daughter writes a beautiful blog about her life experiences and finding her life with Christ. She has the most awesome way of communicating so that you feel you are experiencing her situations with her. I’m getting to know her so much better through the blog than through the rushed e-mails or phone calls when everyone is too busy. Thanks for sharing!

    • It is impressive when they organize their thoughts and put them out there. I love seeing how their minds are working long after I was finished meddling with them!
      Great to hear from you…

  5. Joan, I love this post. This past Christmas, my sons and I went to a Hallmark store to buy Christmas cards for members of our family. What was great was watching my 30 something sons stand at a card rack picking out a card for their dad, their grandmother, and others. I even took a photo of them on my cell phone. The writer in me told them that I should write a story of how my sons got their handwriting back and how WONDERFUL it was to see their ACTUAL handwriting and autograph on the best Christmas card I had gotten in years. It was the highlight of Christmas morning-with laughter through tears…and I did smudge one son’s actual “autograph”! I have kept letters from parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and in laws that have passed on. Seeing their handwriting brings them back for only a time that it takes to re-red those cherished words from many years ago. Keep tucking those pieces away-no matter what style they are in…. Hugs to you, Nancy

    • another sentimental unfinished woman…feels good to have the company. Florida Scott Maxwell said that a “mother never outgrows her love for her grown children.” I would add to that…I can’t seem to get enough of them, especially their energy.

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